Supply Lists


Please bring the following items to school on the first day:

·      a healthy snack and drink

·      a plastic pencil box

·      headphones (not earbuds)

·      1 box of crayons (no more than 24)

·      1 package of fat washable markers

·      1 package of colored highlighters

·      1 child-size scissors

·      glue sticks

·      1 box of tissues (class use)

·      1 roll of paper towels (class use)

·      1 large antibacterial hand sanitizer (class use)

·      1 container of antibacterial wipes (class use)

·      e-mail form

·      sharpened pencils and erasers

·      your smile!

First Grade

____2 plastic twin pocket folder (1 blue, 1 red) no fasteners

____ 2 yellow highlighter

____1 package of washable markers

____1 box of 24 crayons

____20 sharpened pencils

____2 packs of four packs of low-odor fine point, colored, dry erase markers, (Not Washable.)

____4 large glue sticks

____1 large pencil pouch (No pencil boxes please)

____2 boxes of tissues

____2 rolls of Paper Towels

____Individual daily, dry, healthy snack with napkin (no drinks please)

____1 one-inch white binder

____box gallon size zip lock freezer bags

____box quart size zip lock freezers bags

____1 pair of scissors

____small sock to be used as a whiteboard eraser

____2 containers of antibacterial wipes

____1headphone (no ear buds)

·          All supplies will be shared.  Please only label pencil pouch with your child’s name. THANK YOU!

Second Grade

**Write your child’s name on all supplies you send your child to school with. Please remove supplies from packaging and separate into Ziploc baggies*

œ      3 plastic heavy duty twin pocket folders with pockets that go across the bottom and fasteners (can be found at Staples)

œ      1 Pack of washable markers

œ      1 box of crayons (maximum 24)

œ      1 pack of cap erasers for pencils

œ      4 glue sticks

œ      1 pair of scissors

œ      2 yellow highlighters

œ      6 low odor fine point black dry eraser markers

œ      Boy Only: 1 box of gallon freezer bag Girls Only: 1 box of quart freezer bags

œ      1 box of color pencils and Crayola twistables

œ      2 boxes of tissues

œ      2 Black/White Composition Books

œ      1 container of Clorox wipes

œ      2 black fine tip sharpies & 1 package of multi-colored fine tip sharpies

œ      One white 1 inch binder with clear pocket on the front cover

œ      4 blue erasable pens

œ      1 pair of ear buds

œ      1 roll of paper towels

Third Grade

2 boxes of sharpened #2 standard yellow pencils – no fancy designs; they do not sharpen well

******earbuds in a plastic bag labeled with name

1 zippered pencil pouch to hold pens & pencils (No boxes)

At least 2 pens

1 highlighter

Multiplication flash Cards up to 12

At least 2 thin Expo markers

3 plastic two-pocket folders of different colors.  The folders must have pockets at the bottom of the folder, not on the sides. 

Please label each folder with your child’s name and label:  Math, Language Arts, and On-Going Work.

1 plastic folder with pockets and 3 prongs slots to hold paper. (Not a hard binder) labeled Take-Home folder

3 notebooks (Please label each with your child’s name and subject.  Math, Language Arts, and Spelling).

1 pack of wide-ruled, 3-hole loose-leaf paper

1 glue sticks

1 roll of paper towels

1 boxes of facial tissues

1 pack of baby wipes

Ziploc bags (quart or gallon size)

Mrs. Hernandez’s Class needs 1 extra notebook and 1 pack of pens

Optional Donations Needed

Extra pencils, paper towels, tissues


Fourth Grade

§  (5) hardcover marble composition notebooks in assorted colors

§  (5) 2 pocket plastic folders in red, yellow, green, blue, & black  one with prongs

and another with 3 holes on left side, if possible

§  (1) 1 inch 3-ring binder

§  (1) pencil case (zippered bag or box)

§  (2 or more) 3” x 3” pads of sticky notes

§  (2) highlighters (different colors)

§  (1) small pencil sharpener

§  (1) pack of 12 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

§  (3-5) blue or black pens

§  (3-5) dry erase markers (fine-tip/low odor)

§  (1) headphones or ear buds (in a plastic bag labeled with student’s name)

§  (1) roll of paper towels

§  (1) large box of tissues


§  scissors

§  crayons and/or colored pencils

§  markers

§  glue stick


Fifth Grade

-Folders (2-any style)

-Notebooks (6-any style)

-Highlighters (2-different colors)

-Markers or Colored Pencils

-Post its (2packs)

-Pencils (3 boxes of 12)

-Pens (Colored-2)

-Pens (colored-2)

-Small Handheld sharpener

-Thin tip dry erase markers

-Roll of paper towels

-Box of sandwich bags

-No binders please (they do not fit in our desks)